A variety of home styles typical to the Augusta Area from the 1820's through the 1920's were selected for Northridge for their aesthetic value, as much as the simple quality of construction.
Colonial Revival
Colonial Revival | Styles
Inspired by the Centennial if 1876, the Colonial Revival thrived in the love Americans have for their Colonial past, especially in English and Dutch houses of the Atlantic seaboard.
Queen Anne/Folk
Queen Anne/Folk | Styles
The Queen Anne style dominated domestic American architecture from about 1880 until 1900. Popularized by the architect Richard Norman Shaw, the style was a revival of the late Medieval styles in England.
Italianate | Styles
The Italianate style became popular in America around 1840 and flourished especially in the 1850s. As its name implies, the renaissance houses of Italy are the inspiration.
Vernacular | Styles
With origins in Elizabethan England, and influenced by native Americans and African Americans, the Vernacular house in the South is the very essence of domesticity and simplicity.
Federal/Adam | Styles
This style is derived directly from Classical Roman examples of antiquity rather than that of Renaissance Europe and was prevalent in the South from about 1780 through 1820.
Greek Revival
Greek Revival | Styles
Of the Romantic styles popular in the 19th century, perhaps none was more favored than the Greek Revival. Dominant in the South from about 1830 to 1860, this style symbolized the affinity Americans had for the ideal of Greek democracy.